B.A.R.BLAYK — “LAMB / CHOPS: Transsexualism, Misdirection, and ‘the silence of the lambs'”

So, frustrated in my resolve to get video of my stunning karaoke performance of “Flirtin’ with Disaster” in the IthaCAREaoke competition† by The Man – or to be precise, the rules at the local mall governing video recording – when I got back home, I decided to seize the opportunity to get this shit done!, mustered the props required for this performance, and so, here… this, my latest production in the series:

“Why the Transsexual is compelled… TO KILL!

(Episode IV, because it’s actually the first, and that’s always the best one, right?)

It’s a commentary on The Silence of the Lambs, from which movie the scenes explaining Jame Gumb’s motivation for his horrific crimes were excised, leaving the viewer with the impression that maybe Gumb really was supposed to be transsexual?

Well, sometimes such matériel has to get the chop.  That’s just the way it is in the movie business… that’s just the way it has to be in life sometimes?, because explanations are sometimes too complex to relate in the span of 90 minutes… but still, I do wish that people who go on and on about this popular misrepresentation of transsexualism would read the fucking book, because author Thomas Harris is a genius!

As a poor substitute, they can check out the first six minutes of my video, which includes the outtake in which Lecter explains what’s going on with Jame Gumb… before I get into an extended reading from the book, in which the root cause of Gumb’s malaise is  briefly touched upon in a seemingly irrelevant comment by Hannibal Lecter on his fellow inmate Sammie… and I go on, engrossed by the WTF! power of Harris’ narration of the climax, in which the sheer awesomeness of Clarice Starling is revealed…

100% spontaneous and unrehearsed… because that’s the way it has to be, sometimes:

Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost. — Hans-Ulrich Rudel ‡


Bonze Anne Rose Blayk

† ADDENDUM 7/19/13 – I Got’Er’Done at The Haunt some months later…

“It’s never too late to flirt – especially with ‘Disaster, Hatchet Style!’


‡ I just noted with horror the fact that the Wikipedia article on Hans-Ulrich Rudel – author of a very well-written book entitled Stuka Pilot – omitted the mundane details of his experience in the Luftwaffe that made him one of my heroes, Nazi or not, political moron or not, the guy was amazing…

Because in Stuka Pilot Rudel describes his ordeals in training, where (obviously) being assigned to driving a dive bomber is not a glamour-boy fighter-pilot gig with the acrobatics and screaming dervish-like through Split-S maneuvers and  dogfights and glorious glorious man-to-machine-to-man combat…

He was a shitty pilot. It took him a long time for him to get a grip on flying formation…

But the day arrived that his functioning clicked, and he was there!

It’s not a pretty story, but it generalizes: you might not appear to be all that good at something, but you might wind up being a lot better than you ever would have imagined.

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Truth, Lies, and “Reliable Sources”

Now, on Wikipedia, the rules for editing hold that all articles should be based on Reliable Sources, which makes sense, no?

You would not want to base an Encyclopedia on random junk generated by bullshit artists: that would not do.

And what source could be more reliable, for information on the mental and physical health consequences of the use of cannabis, than a study of these effects performed by our very own United States Institute of Medicine, Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base, undertaken in order to assess the value of cannabis as a medication?

A study with thorough attention to detail, a study soundly buttressed by serious research data, void of the detrimental qualities associated with the random opinionation of amateurs which we so frequently find attached to bullshit rhetorical devices?

“Just the facts, m’am.”

Sad to say, I’ve already forgotten what I wrote already, and the whole intent behind this post, which kind of sucks… but I no longer smoke pot, so I’m a lot more ADDish nowadays?

Less focus… more fun!

Whatever, Science Rocks!, we could use more… and when is a Reliable Source… not?

– bonzie anne


A typical conversation twixt stoner pothead dimwits
“under the influence of marijuana”

ca. 1987 in the near vicinity of Cupertino

A Professor of Computer Science: “So… how did you learn C language programming?”
BARB: “Well, I read the White Book over and over… until I got it.
APCS: “That’s impossible.”


His stash!


Is there anything more bogus than the “discipline” of “bioethics”?  (At least the authors of the IOM report held degrees in scientific fields!)

“Submitted for your approval…”

…from the pulpit of Janice Raymond – PROFESSOR of medical ethics

Paper Prepared for the National Center for Health Care Technology
on the Social and Ethical Aspects of Transsexual Surgery

– (livelink)

— update … March 18, 2013 —


From Raymond’s masterpiece of venomous trans-misogyny, The Transsexual Empire, p. 168:


“As Mary Daly has pointed out, the spirit can always contain the body but the body cannot always contain the spirit. She notes that a radical feminist analysis will see the problem to be one of overcoming the containment of spirit by body. In contrast to the transsexual who -embodies- transcendence, I suggest that we -“enspirit.”- Daly explains this word further:

– “The process of the Self enspiriting the Self is Dis-possession. The enspiriting Self is not anti-matter, but pro-matter, freeing matter from its restricting/restricted role of vessel/container, unfreezing matter so that it can flow with spirit, fly with spirit.”

She’s just the gal you wanna hire, to draft an “objective”, concise evaluation of the ethical aspects of transsexualism… if you believe that the “insights” of spook-wannabes should govern our world, and wish to anathematize transsexuals?

So that’s just what they did.

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There was a certain amount of controversy generated by one of the songs written and performed, persistently, repeatedly, over and over and over, by the Angry “Samoans”.

“How can you be so mean?”

The original lyrics sheet for "Get Off The Air"

Get Off The Air

Oh, it was easy!  It was fun!

Want to learn more about Rodney Bingenheimer?  See No Head, No Backstage Pass: Groupie MP3s.  Isn’t that a wonderful T-Shirt that Rodney is wearing?

I love the subtlety!

I love the subtlety!

And take a listen to “Rodney” (available on this page), featuring Rodney (himself!) verb-a-lizing in a wonderful tribute by the The GTO’s on their Permanent Damage album from 1969.

“Want a sip of my Diet Rite?”  Uh, thanks, but no, thanks anyway (you never know who else has been sucking on that Diet Rite.)

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And what better way to greet the morn than with a Jacques Lu Cont remix, turning emo t/h/rash into Pure Gold?

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Hello world!

Having never lived in Carson (California, in Los Angeles County), nor been closely acquainted with a Carson Girl, I cannot attest to the truth of the assertions made in the lyrics of this song.

However, I believe I am qualified (as a former “Van Nuys Person”) to state that if you have never engaged in what is colloquially referred to as making out to this tune with someone you love… you have been missing out.

bonzie anne

“Carson Girls” — “Metal Mike” Saunders

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