And what better way to greet the morn than with a Jacques Lu Cont remix, turning emo t/h/rash into Pure Gold?

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  1. leokrafty says:

    beautiful remix by LRD 🙂

    • LRD: Oh yes!

      I’m a fanatic for guitar, electric guitar, myself, and find most synth-based pop rather dry and lacking in rhythmic subtlety… an exposure to “What’s That Sound?” on the local college TV music-video show, Frequency, led me to check out his other stuff, e.g., Darkdancer and well… all I can say is that I was feeling rather low upon finding that he’s not French!

      Because I was thinking, at last! A French artiste-sonique exportable! Truly grand!

      But it was all fake, down to the accent and the impenetrability: just another English chap with a great ear and an exceptional gift for subtle beats, melody, pop song structure, and mix blending : ho-hum ?-)

      But the whole pose made him even more exceptional, because it does after all intimate a sort of artistic posture. I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Madonna etc. etc. have hired him (“Stuart Price”, how… banal) to work with them .

      In this case, all that’s left of the original… is the vocal. This song is great, it’s wonderful, it’s got an appealing and wry/painful lyric well-delivered in a laconic style… and I found the original to be 99% unlistenable. That’s a GENIUS “remix”!

  2. leokrafty says:

    I also started my LRD addiction with “(Hey You) What’s That Sound?”, then I listened Darkdancer and his first album Liberation, where for me were quite unique and advanced for the time they were released.

    LOL! I also used to think he was French!!! Specially cause of his other alias Jacques Lu Cont. I admire his work as producer with all those guys, Madonna, Scissor Sisters, New Order, etc… but I miss those mixes, how he made magnificent pieces of art with horrible shit music!

    I do like Placebo, well… kind of. But “Pure Morning” sucks! He also did an excellent work with “Slave to the Wage”, I like how he keeps vocals in most of this mixes, and he turns the whole instrumental to other levels, with his sick Synths! Glad to hear from another LRD/Stuart admirer. CHEERS!

  3. There are extreme views that claim masculinity is purely biological or that it is purely cultural, however, neither of these extremes is common in literature from the last couple of decades.

    • Absolutely: one’s self-conception of one’s gender is an extremely complex phenomenon, and is a blend of genetic and hormonal influences (during both fetal development and in maturation) and social mores and interactions.

      Unfortunately, there are still many people who prefer to argue strongly for an either/or assessment in support of purely genetic/biological explanations or social/psychological explanations for how gendered self-awareness develops; one might hope that educational efforts might lead them to improve their understanding, but alas, that may be a rather faint hope?

      I invariably recommend that people interested in learning more about transgender issues read The Riddle of Gender by Deborah Rudacille, a highly skilled science writer who – almost uniquely – developed an interest in these conundrums without any preconceived notions or self-interested involvement.

      The interviews she relates in the book, which she conducted with a broad variety of researchers and transgendered or intersexed individuals, are simply amazing, and she’s an excellent writer… so again, I strongly recommend reading The Riddle of Gender if you’re interested in learning more about this topic.

      – bonzie anne

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