There was a certain amount of controversy generated by one of the songs written and performed, persistently, repeatedly, over and over and over, by the Angry “Samoans”.

“How can you be so mean?”

The original lyrics sheet for "Get Off The Air"

Get Off The Air

Oh, it was easy!  It was fun!

Want to learn more about Rodney Bingenheimer?  See No Head, No Backstage Pass: Groupie MP3s.  Isn’t that a wonderful T-Shirt that Rodney is wearing?

I love the subtlety!

I love the subtlety!

And take a listen to “Rodney” (available on this page), featuring Rodney (himself!) verb-a-lizing in a wonderful tribute by the The GTO’s on their Permanent Damage album from 1969.

“Want a sip of my Diet Rite?”  Uh, thanks, but no, thanks anyway (you never know who else has been sucking on that Diet Rite.)


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4 Responses to GET OFF THE AIR

  1. J Bergman says:

    I always thought that the Hitler’s Cock song would be the one that twisted panties the most. I always looked at the Angry Samoans as sort of a more serious and more musically adept Dickies. By the way, I never saw Maus Maus live because I thought there might have been armed insurrection and rebellion there on the stage. Thankfully, I later found these very things at a Dwarves show in San Francisco.

  2. Well, the Samoans, as compared to the Dickies… more serious(ly disturbed).

    I kind of doubt that the Samoans have ever been as adept musically as the Dickies, but thanks for the compliment!

  3. J Bergman says:

    ok, harder edged and meaner and tougher and more perversely humored which beats technical proficiency anyday to me . . . not to knock Leonard and crew.

  4. metalmikeinoakland says:

    “king of the child molesters” you gotta show the respect for a pre-punk-70’s depraved pimp daddy of the rock scene. i mean any schmoe in led zeppelin’s road crew can fill the gas up for Bonham’s motorcycle to drag race back/forth down the Hyatt House motel corridors. but to take your cluelessness onto prime time LA radio? that takes BALLS. or utter cluelessness on a Nobel Prize For The Clueless level..

    and functioning as the unpaid/volunteer go-between pimp for zeppelin/bowie/any UK rock star to make friends with those 13 year old wannabe newbie groupies via Rodney’s English Disco circa 1973-74 — this man’s a HUMANITARIAN.

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