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B.A.R.BLAYK — “LAMB / CHOPS: Transsexualism, Misdirection, and ‘the silence of the lambs'”

So, frustrated in my resolve to get video of my stunning karaoke performance of “Flirtin’ with Disaster” in the IthaCAREaoke competition† by The Man – or to be precise, the rules at the local mall governing video recording – when I … Continue reading

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Truth, Lies, and “Reliable Sources”

Now, on Wikipedia, the rules for editing hold that all articles should be based on Reliable Sources, which makes sense, no? You would not want to base an Encyclopedia on random junk generated by bullshit artists: that would not do. … Continue reading

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There was a certain amount of controversy generated by one of the songs written and performed, persistently, repeatedly, over and over and over, by the Angry “Samoans”. “How can you be so mean?” Oh, it was easy!  It was fun! … Continue reading

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And what better way to greet the morn than with a Jacques Lu Cont remix, turning emo t/h/rash into Pure Gold?

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Hello world!

Having never lived in Carson (California, in Los Angeles County), nor been closely acquainted with a Carson Girl, I cannot attest to the truth of the assertions made in the lyrics of this song. However, I believe I am qualified … Continue reading

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